A Tasteful Portrait

Combine 2,700 eggs, 900 pounds of chocolate and 200 baking pans and what do you have? A life-size brownie sculpture of the First Family.
The 8-foot by 6-foot confection (shown here) was created by Laura Palmer, founder of Boston Brownies, in honor of the Clintons’ visit to Martha’s Vineyard. All 3,600 pounds (and 57 million calories) were unveiled at the Edgartown A&P. Nibbles were a no-no.
“We thought it would be sacrilege to cut up the First Family,” said Emily Haggman, vice president of Haggman Advertising in Manchester, Mass., which is handling public relations for Boston Brownies. “People would be asking for certain body parts.”
Reuters reporters covering the event tried to coax Palmer into posing for photos with only the president’s head. Palmer declined, but accepted an invitation to appear on the Ricki Lake Show later this week.
She’ll arrive with not only the Clinton sculpture, but a life-size sculpture of the talkshow hostess and her baby. -Sarah Jones