Target “Twenty Bucks”

Target’s latest from Wieden introduces a dapper spokesperson who gives shopping solutions to common nuisances such as stubborn car smells and bad haircuts. The cures, of course, are achieved via products offered on the retailer’s shelves. In this spot, the bow-tied scholarly type provides tips on how to spend that “found $20 in the laundry.” With game-show-host finesse, he presents a row of washers tricked out as jackpot-style slot machines displaying the spinning purchase options. “Is this how it feels to hit the lottery?” he asks amid sudden fireworks. “Your mind races. Twenty greenbacks to spend however you want on a little piece of joy!” The machines stop on towels, a handbag and shoes.Then comes the wry sell: There’s just one place to “totally blow this on something awesome,” he says, as the backdrop opens up to reveal a picturesque image of a Target store in front of a setting sun. The series is playful and stylish, all that we expect from the Target brand, and this ad does a fine job conveying the joy of discovering unexpected cash and the thrill of spending it, which is totally in sync with Target’s cheap-chic brand aesthetic. –Eleftheria Parpis