Talkative Baby Bob Is Back for Quiznos

LOS ANGELES The first Quiznos advertising since its polarizing spongmonkeys spokescharacters went into hibernation last year launches this Sunday during ABC’s Desperate Housewives, according to the restaurant chain’s new lead agency, independent Siltanen & Partners.

At the center of the campaign—estimated to be worth as much as $60 million—is Baby Bob, the diaper-wearing toddler with a 35-year-old wit the El Segundo, Calif.-based agency created in 1997 to drive traffic to a now-defunct Web site. The character soon became popular enough to warrant his own short-lived TV show.

Bob has apparently not aged a day. In the first commercial, for Quiznos Real Deal sandwich line, Baby Bob talks about how much he would love to eat a Quiznos sandwich. Unfortunately, he has no teeth.

“But when my molars grow in, I’m all over this stuff,” paraphrased Rob Siltanen, creative director of the 25-person shop. Others behind the creation of Baby Bob include creative directors Joe Hemp and Rex Fish, animation company The Syndicate and production house Japanese Monster. Media is being handled by OMD.

“Having a spokesperson [or baby] is a really smart move: He can talk directly about [the] product, to showcase and romanticize the food,” Siltanen said. “I always felt like with the right client, the right business plan, [Bob] would be awesome.”