Take That

Levi Strauss, which celebrated its 125th anniversary last week, is feeling its oats.
In the second phase of its new campaign from TBWA Chiat/Day, San Francisco, the company will continue to playfully jab at its designer jeans competitors.
In its first outdoor and print ads for the San Francisco client, TBWA C/D reminded consumers that “Tommy wore them,” and “Calvin wore them,” referring to Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.
The agency’s new outdoor ads, set to break June 8, feature such icons as Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and the cast of the Brando motorcycle flick The Wild One. The strategy once again is to remind consumers that Levi’s were – and are – the jeans for genuine people, not for models who simply act cool.
The campaign uses humor “to remind people that Levi’s jeans are an American original,” noted Mark Hogan, director of consumer marketing.
As for Levi’s pugnacious new approach, Hogan smiled. “We’re not sitting around waiting anymore,” he said. “We’re on the attack.”
– Michael McCarthy