Suits: The Going Rate

Recent hires of account executives and brand managers placed by recruiting firms.
Compiled from staff reports.
Title: Manager, direct marketing at a financial services company
Experience: Eight years of direct marketing account service in financial-services area.
Starting salary: $75,000
Signing bonus: $5,000
Annual bonus: 20 percent (not guaranteed)
Perks: Standard benefits package, including health and dental plans, 401 (k)
Title: Vice president, management supervisor at a small Silicon Valley agency
Experience: 10 years, regional offices at a large agency
Starting salary: $95,000
Perks: $10,000 signing bonus; standards benefit package
Title: Account supervisor at a Midwest office for a national promotion agency
Experience: Seven years, automotive account at a regional advertising agency
Starting Salary: $63,000
Perks: Standard benefits

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