Study: McCain Backers Prefer TV

NEW YORK A majority of Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s supporters get their news and entertainment from television, while a majority of Democratic presidential candidate Barrack Obama’s supporters tend to be “media generalists” who get their news and entertainment from assorted media platforms, according to a new study by media agency MediaVest, a unit of Publicis Groupe.

The agency released data from over 1,000 respondents gathered during the week of Sept. 11-17.

The survey found that 65 percent of voters are paying more attention to the presidential election campaign than they did in 2004 and that 50 percent plan to increase their election-based media use through the election.

Not surprisingly, 96 percent want “fair and impartial news and information,” but 75 percent want the media they use “to fit their own political views and outlook.”

Ninety-one percent want their news “detailed and in-depth,” and 60 percent want it “quick.”

The survey also found that the Web is not a trusted source of political news and information. Web-based media included three of the lowest scoring media vehicles by trust. Traditional media — TV and newspapers — scored very high.