“Studious Pupil”

Taking a detour from its long-running “Priceless” formula, MasterCard delivers a fanciful tale of a man whose right eye suddenly becomes “curious.” The cinematic story begins with an average daily commute to work. On the subway, the subject finds his right eye has taken a lively new interest in the world, moving independently of the left as it examines its surroundings. It’s not a lazy eye, the voiceover explains, but rather an “all together more interested eye, seeking, searching, while the others stood by watching. What would it find this spirited orb of mine?” Promoting the “Priceless Search Instant Win” promotion, the spot’s unusual visuals are a bit creepy, but the effort is beautifully produced with an unexpected story well told. And since you never really know why the eye goes haywire or what it’s looking for, viewers stay motivated to learn just what the search is all about, i.e., hunting for “Priceless” prizes like a Julian Schnabel-commissioned portrait in April issues of Conde Nast magazines. –Eleftheria Parpis