Strange Brew

It’s usually the more women the merrier in beer ads, so marketing Poly gamy Porter (“Why have just one!”) should be a breeze.

Actually, the ads haven’t even come out yet and some Mormons are already grum bling. But Wasatch Beers in Park City, Utah, has been down this road before—it marketed its Superior Ale as “The other local religion”—and founder Greg Schirf barely bats an eye in explaining himself.

“The objective is to have fun, not be offensive and sell beer, all at the same time,” he says. “Poly gamy is part of the heritage here. We thought it was fair game.”

Regan Outdoor, an area billboard company, disagreed and won’t take the ads. But Schirf isn’t worried. He admits to being “a little ram bunctious,” but says it’s all in good fun. As evidence, he points to earlier ads for Wasatch’s St. Provo Girl—a St. Pauli Girl spoof—that poked fun at Mormons’ reluc tance to curse. The headline: “If you just said ‘Oh my heck,’ it’s probably not for you.”

Paul Kirwin, CEO of Wasatch’s ad agency, Kirwin Communica tions in Park City, says his shop loves enabling Schirf’s mischief. “We knew we had to walk a fine line between having fun with the culture and making fun of the religion,” he says. “This culture needs to learn to laugh at itself a little and not be so provincial.”