Star Nerds

Barkley Evergreen & Partners creatives Tug McTighe, Paul Diamond and John January have been known to stray into conversations over science fiction. These talks led to the creation of characters January described as “†ber sci-fi fans.”
One day earlier this year, the three lapsed into their routine in the presence of director Russell Bates, who found the bit so amusing he encouraged them to create some spec spots for the Sci-Fi Channel.
One of the spots–which featured two geeks staring at the calendar waiting for the new Star Wars flick–went over so well at the cable network that it requested a series of 10 spots to air as part of the channel’s countdown to The Phantom Menace, which opens May 19.
The spots were done on a freelance basis by McTighe, Diamond and January. The Kansas City, Mo., agency has made no overtures for the Sci-Fi Channel’s $5 million account, recently resigned by Mullen in Wenham, Mass. But executives admit they hope the Force will be with them. –Aaron Baar