St. John Focuses on Zaxby’s Fresh Food

ATLANTA St. John & Partners today launched its first television campaign for Zaxby’s Franchising.

In three 30-second spots, the agency promotes the Athens, Ga.-based restaurant chain’s menu selections, all of which are made at order with fresh ingredients.

In the first spot, a camera crew goes behind the scenes to follow a Zaxby’s employee preparing lunch. As a teenage boy cuts fresh vegetables, one of the crew interviews the worker, asking why he and the staff have arrived at the restaurant so early. The time stamp on the camera reads 8:15 a.m. and the teen replies, “We’re getting ready for lunch.”

The second spot, “Made at Order,” mirrors the first with the crew interviewing workers. A cook is asked if each order is actually made fresh and another teen boy repeats, “Yes, it’s made at order.”

The third, “Saucy,” features a kitchen interview where two teens, a boy and girl, name all eight of the sauces used for cooking.

Jacksonville, Fla.-based SJ&P was chosen last September to develop a campaign for the restaurant chain that will create awareness and increase sales, said Dan St. John, agency chairman and CEO. “This company has had tremendous success to date, and we look forward to working and growing with them,” he added.

The spots will air through year’s end in markets throughout the Southeast, where Zaxby’s has 139 restaurants. Campaign spending was not disclosed.