Square One Huddles With ‘Boys

Square One has been awarded a Texas-size task: polishing the image of the Dallas Cowboys.

Behind-the-scenes work by the Dallas agency for last week’s launch of a new arena football team, the Dallas Desperados, led to marketing duties on the more famous sports franchise. Both teams are owned by Jerry Jones.

The shop becomes the first agency to hold all advertising and marketing duties for the Cowboys, long trumpeted as “America’s Team.” The combined accounts are estimated by sources at $5 million.

Cowboys vice president of marketing George Hays said giving Square One projects that were handled in-house or doled out among local shops does not represent an attempt to remake the image of a team. Cowboy players, however, have seen their share of troubles.

“I don’t think we have a tarnished reputation,” said Hays. “You have individual players [with image problems], but not the team itself.”

Square One’s duties will primarily be marketing and promotions oriented. The agency will next work on advance ticket sales for the Desperados, who begin playing in April.

Square One won a local review last spring for the account of the arena football team. The contest included both strategic and creative, the client said. Desperados representative Robin Worth said the agency was referred by Cowboys sponsor Miller Lite, also a client of Square One.

“We knew they understood our consumers,” Worth said. “If they can sell beer to the average Dallas Cowboys fan … they have a good solid understanding of how to market the Dallas Desperados.”

Square One had also completed a project for the Cowboys to sell corporate sponsorships for Texas Stadium earlier this year.

“We will be working with them [Cowboys and Desperados] in all facets of their marketing,” said agency account supervisor Paige Jensen. “It’s great to be aligned with one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world.”