Sprite Introduces Pint-Size Spokescharacter

NEW YORK Coca-Cola’s Sprite on Saturday will unveil three spots and a new spokes-
character within the “Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk” competition on TNT’s NBA All-Star Night cablecast, according to the company.

“Lebron,” “Two Sprites” and “What’s Better Than Sprite?” each showcase a 10-inch tall figure named Miles Thirst.

Thirst has an Afro and a healthy dose of attitude. Sprite’s “Obey Your Thirst” tagline is referenced directly by the spokescharacter in each spot. The ads were created by Ogilvy & Mather in New York and will run throughout the year on cable and network television.

The “LeBron” spot features NBA rookie star LeBron James giving the pint-size Thirst a tour of his new house. Thirst, who never appears to move in the spots and “speaks” via a gruff voiceover, is not impressed until he sees a Sprite machine in the kitchen.

“Two Sprites” takes place in a movie theater, where Thirst explains the importance of having a Sprite available in cup holders on either side of his seat in case of emergencies. When two attractive young women sit next to him, Thirst realizes his plan has not been fully thought out.

In “What’s Better Than Sprite?” Thirst and friends sit on a stoop drinking Sprite. Thirst argues that there is nothing better than Sprite until two lovely women walk by, at which point he is forced to admit that maybe the soda comes right after feminine beauty in the grand scheme of things.