Sprint Says Its Super Bowl Ad Will Be an Apology (of Sorts) to Verizon and AT&T

New lead agency Deutsch L.A. created the spot

Looks like T-Mobile won't be the only mobile provider on the Super Bowl. Sprint has purchased 30 seconds in the third quarter and will begin teasing the ad later today.

A teaser video for the ad resembles the opening scroll to the original Star Wars movie with lines of copy unfolding on screen. The text addresses rivals Verizon and AT&T, according to a script reviewed by Adweek: "Sprint owes you an apology. No, not for cutting your customers' rate plans in half—we're going to keep doing that … a lot," the copy says.

Rather, the copy explains, "We recently compared you to a sheep in an advertisement. It was funny. It was really funny. So to make up for the whole 'sheep thing,' we're going to apologize this Sunday." The teaser ends, "Sincerely, Sprint."

(You can revisit the sheep ad in question below.)

Sunday will mark Sprint's fourth appearance in the Super Bowl and it follows last year's "Framily" ad from Figliulo & Partners in New York. The latest ad (which Sprint says won't be released before the game) is from new lead agency Deutsch L.A. Sprint chief marketing officer Jeff Hallock described the tone of the execution as funny, sarcastic and entertaining.

"We're looking for awareness on this," Hallock told Adweek. "We have a very crowded industry, very competitive industry and there's some confusion that comes in customers trying to understand plans and whatnot. We think with this promotion (cut your monthly bill in half), it's the simplest thing for people to understand. So, we want to make sure we get the awareness as broadly as we can get on it."

Deutsch also created the Sheep spot, which broke in November. Here's another look at Sheep: