This Spot’s Off Target

NEW YORK The message in this new Target spot is an admirable one, but the execution is somewhat lacking. The rather dull ad describes the retail chain’s charitable efforts, noting that it donates 5 percent of its income to community programs for education, the arts and social services. “A door is a door is a door,” explains the voiceover. “Except when it’s more of a portal—a portal for doing good.” The spot opens on a set of red doors that part to reveal a park-like setting. A woman is identified as a 5-percent “Do-gooder” by graphic type that unravels as she walks through the entrance. Another group of shoppers walks through a set of doors labeled with the legend “$3 million a week,” the amount Target gives to those community programs, “which could open a lot of doors, for a lot of people.” The spot ends with this statement: “Doing good is easy when doing good is automatic.” It’s a strong lure for shoppers who appreciate effortless philanthropy, but the nearly monotone narration, tepid tone and unappealing, busy graphics (from a brand that prides itself on the creativity of its commercial design) add up to a missed opportunity.