The Spot: Undressed to Kill

Lingerie sexbots ambush their latest victim in Agent Provocateur's campy Halloween horror commercial

GENESIS: Agent Provocateur wanted a short film for its high-end Soiree lingerie that would be sexy, stylish, and show lots of product. A pink garment from the collection reminded director Justin Anderson of nightgowns worn in old horror movies. "I always watched horror movies as a way to get close to someone I fancied. It was an excuse to jump on them!" says AP creative director Sarah Shotton. "That kind of innocence has disappeared, and we wanted to bring that back." Anderson set about creating an homage to old horror—from the Hammer films of the 1950s and '60s to the erotic classic Vampyros Lesbos from 1971. In the two-minute spot, a woman alone in a house at night is set upon by half-naked vampire sexbots, who crawl around, strike seductive poses, and eventually feast on their host, turning her into one of them—blank stare, hair pulled back, a vision of aggressive, stylish sexuality.