The Spot: Thick as Thieves

CP+B evolves its Kraft Mac & Cheese campaign with the pilfering parents and the knowing kids

IDEA: After running the same Macaroni & Cheese ad campaign for a decade, Kraft shook things up in 2010, shifting the target from children to parents. "We needed to give adults a little more permission to be eating it," svp of marketing Chris Kempczinski told Adweek last fall. The solution, ironically, was a Crispin Porter + Bogusky campaign that focused even more on kids—exasperated ones who complain to the camera about Mom and Dad stealing Mac & Cheese right off their plates. "The insight was that parents really love this stuff," CP+B executive creative director Adam Chasnow said last week. "But it's the kids, not the parents, who know what's going on. It's a kind of testimonial role reversal." The campaign is now into its third round of work, with four new spots in 2012 that stay true to the initial strategy but offer novel characters and plot twists.