The Spot: FedEx's Package Deal

BBDO Toronto delivers four ads for the price of one in its entertaining new 30-second spot

IDEA: Four ads—with talking turtles, worker ants, mythical dwarf-like creatures and reptilian humanoids—all packed into one 30-second ad? You're going to need some bubble wrap for that. Yet BBDO in Toronto delivers it all in one piece in its latest amusing spot for FedEx. The ad aims to raise awareness of FedEx offerings beyond its core strengths. "FedEx Canada is known as the gold standard in urgent and international shipping," said BBDO group account director Steve Groh. "We want people to be aware of the other stuff—freight, small business and less-than-urgent." The ad's first three scenes focus on those three areas, with the twist being that each segment, beginning with the second, opens with characters watching the previous scene—or "ad"—on TV. The spot wraps with a fourth scene in which two humans remark on all three ads and their "gimmicks" before revealing a gimmick of their own—as a flick of an alien tongue and swing of a dinosaur tail suggest these guys aren't human after all.