Sony to Test Lowe Spot: New TV Ad, Which Brings Print Execution To Life, Will Be Tried Out in Wisconsin

Sony Electronics is scheduled to begin testing the first image-oriented TV commercial Lowe & Partners/SMS has created for the Park Ridge, N.J.-based client.
The ad essentially brings to life a print execution featured in the image campaign the New York-based agency introduced in April. The spot, called “Boy in Lake,” shows a youth wading in water. “He doesn’t know what a phonograph is,” says the voiceover. “CDs and diskettes are his parents’ toys,” continues the announcer, before finally asking, “What will his be?” The spot, like the print ads, is tagged: “What’s next?”
Patrick Flaherty, Sony’s senior vice president of marketing services, confirmed that the spot will be tested in Madison, Wis. Flaherty said that “because the response to the print ads has been positive,” the company decided to begin testing a broadcast component. Lowe officials referred calls to the client.
The print ads marked the first image campaign Sony had launched in several years. The company, which awarded its $50 million account to Lowe more than two years ago, had previously relied on product-specific ads.
The agency, hoping to convince Sony to expand the campaign into TV, created the ad on spec. Lowe deputy creative director Gary Goldsmith is the art director on the spot while Dean Hacohen, executive vice president, creative group head, is the copywriter. Laura Sparacia is the producer and Noam Murro of HKM Productions is the director.