Sony Exec Hits 40 Stores in 40 Days

In a tour as grueling as any undertaken by a seventies rock band, Sony electronics svp-corporate communications Rick Clancy is in the middle of a 40-day, 40-city odyssey of visiting the brand’s Sony Style stores.

Clancy, who began the “40 Days, 40 Stores Blog Tour” on June 2 in Atlanta and ends July 11 in Kansas City, is blogging his experiences at in the endeavor aimed at meeting consumers and employees.

His postings range from travelogue-inspired (Almost missed the flight from Tampa to West Palm Beach after “we set the Nav-U GPS system to the car rental to a different location than where the airport was.”) to product centric (“our current 70-inch Bravia LCD flat-panel TV…at more than $32,000 is a bit out of the reach of what most military personnel can afford, it is a favorite among Vegas high rollers who come into the store ready to obtain the best of the best.”)

The comment section includes employees from the company who were complimentary of the visits as well as criticisms like a request for production of a Blu-ray DVD recorder.

“You’ve won the format war, why not capitalize on it by actually offering the thing for people to buy it with every laptop? Esp. a $3K one?” the posting asked.

“The 40 Days, 40 Stores Blog tour allows us to combine new social media-driven communications tools with traditional, personalized communication,” Clancy said in a statement. “This will create an opportunity for people to connect with a human face of Sony.”

Clancy has hosted the Sony Electronics blog since July 2007.