Like Son, Like Father

Gregg Wasiak admires his father. First, he followed him into advertising. Now it seems he is trying to look like him, too. “Yes, he’s follically challenged,” says Hank Wasiak. “And I always say, he lost his hair at an earlier age than I did.”

Hmm. That sort of subordination may not be in Hank’s best interests now that the longtime account man has left his job as vice chairman of McCann-Erickson WorldGroup to join Gregg’s hybrid production/creative boutique, The Concept Farm in New York. For Hank, who started out in the ’60s, going from the boardroom to the barnyard may be a bit of a shock. Particularly the hazing part. “We’ve been razzing him, giving him the rookie-farmer treatment,” says Gregg. “The other day I saw him emptying our dishwasher, and I thought, ‘He doesn’t even do that at home.’ ”

But there’s an upside. “Convergence, total communication and integrated creative is what they do every day. I feel really lucky. It’s wonderful,” says Hank, who has known Gregg’s business partners for years – particularly Will Morrison, whom Gregg met in high school.

With the spiffy title of wisdom farmer, Hank, who turned 60 on Saturday, will offer the big-picture thinking that glues the creative together, and he says he’s ready for the more entrepreneurial climate. “At my age, why not?” he says. “I’ve got nothing to lose.” But he shouldn’t expect to waltz in at noon every day. Warns Gregg: “If he’s not pulling his weight, I’m telling Mom.”