So, of course, is cable. Magazines embraced it

So, of course, is cable. Magazines embraced it long ago. Newspapers, too. Now outdoor, radio and trade media are finding creative ways to retain, and expand, audiences while pulling in more ad revenue.

What all these media are doing is expanding their reach through new media. As our reporters talked to media executives and analysts about ad spending in 2007 for this, our annual Media Outlook issue, we heard a common refrain: Advertisers would be spending less, more or about the same in the traditional medium. But in the interactive and new media sectors, spending is going nowhere but up.

Steve Grubbs of media agency PHD tells Mediaweek senior editor John Consoli that he applauds broadcast networks for expanding the platforms on which TV viewers can watch programs. “If they are providing more audience,” he says, “we will come up with an equitable way to pay for that audience.”

Advertising at cable network and operator Web sites is projected to grow 34.1 percent in 2006, writes Mediaweek senior reporter Anthony Crupi. Magazine’s growth will be modest over the next few years, but, reports Mediaweek senior reporter Lucia Moses, spending on magazine Web sites will rise to top $1 billion by 2010. And, speaking of rising, digital billboards are allowing marketers to advertise more timely messages.

Of course, now that advertisers have figured out how to do cross-platform TV-magazine-Web deals, some new new media have entered the mix. These upstarts, which writer Susan Kuchinskas talks about in “Brave New World,” beginning on page 6, offer advertisers a whole new set of challenges. We expect we’ll be reporting on how some of them do in this same space next year.

Patricia Orsini

Editor, Special Reports