Up-to-Snuff Shop Wants Smokers to Dip and Tuck

When creating its first advertising for U.S. Smokeless Tobacco, one of Doe-Anderson’s first meetings will be with its new client’s lawyers. Agency art directors and copywriters will need to be almost as familiar with the Master Tobacco Settlement as they are with their target market—suburban and urban adult smokers.

According to the Louisville, Ky., shop’s chief creative officer, Jim White, D-A’s understanding of how to work within the restrictions of tobacco advertising and still impact consumers helped the agency win USST’s $20 million account.

White, who has created ads for R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris USA, said new work for the Greenwich, Conn.-based USST brands, which include Copenhagen and Skoal, will be aimed at the estimated 48 million smokers looking for a smokeless nicotine source.

D-A president and CEO Dave Wilkins said the pitch team traveled the client’s promotional circuit, which includes Nascar, rodeo and drag-racing events in rural, suburban and urban venues to get into the mind-set of current users. “Those who understood the products, liked them,” Wilkins said, adding that those who do not like the taste of snuff will need some convincing.

The shop may have an easier time with the client’s newest product, Revel. D-A will create a print, direct-mail and in-store campaign for Revel, which will launch in the spring. Unlike other moist snuffs, the tobacco in Revel remains in a packet that users place under their tongues. “It looks like a tea bag,” said client representative Mike Bazinet.

The mint-flavored to-bacco product will be targeted to both men and women. Al-though the latter are not as attracted to smokeless products [as men], “we feel there are some who will find the packet and the flavoring attractive,” Bazinet said.

D-A topped co-finalist Doner of Southfield, Mich., in the client’s account review that originally included some 10 shops, sources said.