Snack Attacks Are Opening Acts From Ogilvy

LOS ANGELES Ogilvy & Mather has launched its first ads for am/pm convenience stores since landing the account last June.

The campaign retains the “Too much good stuff” tag created in 1996 by the Los Angeles-based client’s previous agency, Rubin Postaer and Associates in Santa Monica, Calif.

Four television spots from Ogilvy in Culver City, Calif., show am/pm customers stocking up on an abundance of snacks. In one ad, a guy is prepaying for gasoline. When he sees the candy at the counter, he decides that rather than getting $10 worth of gas, he will put $7 towards gas and use the remaining $3 for gum and candy bars. He then grabs some beef jerky and decides that $2 worth of gasoline will suffice.

A second spot presents a man running with a jogging stroller. When he arrives at the am/pm, he fills the stroller, which was empty, with beverages and snacks. A third ad shows a guy filling a cup with samples of nearly every type of soda. When he gives the cup to his girlfriend, she takes a sip and is miffed that he has forgotten to include Mountain Dew. A fourth execution has a man looking around the am/pm store for a shopping cart.

The commercials will air in 19 West Coast markets through the summer. A radio campaign is in development.

Spending on the campaign could not be determined. The client spent nearly $9 million on ads last year, according to CMR.