smoky rooms

BVK focuses on the dangers of second-hand tobacco smoke in its latest campaign for the Wisconsin Tobacco Control Board.

The Milwaukee shop uses real-life stories of people whose deaths are attributed to being around smokers.

One spot shows a woman sitting at a desk. She spreads out four cigarettes, the amount that is inhaled by a non-smoker who spends two hours in a room with someone who’s puffing away, according to the voiceover. More cigarettes are spread around as we learn the woman’s father shared an office with a chain smoker for 10 years before dying of lung cancer at 56.

Another ad shows a man and his doctor looking at a chest X-ray that shows only a single lung. There’s a shot of a large scar on the man’s back. Turns out the guy, Paul Decker, has never smoked yet developed a cancerous tumor, necessitating the organ’s removal. “Paul’s had enough of second-hand smoke,” the voiceover says. “Have you?”

Each of the four spots in the campaign, which also includes radio, directs consumers to a Web site that features a dining guide of nonsmoking restaurants.