Sinners, repent! Betty Bowers is America’s best

Sinners, repent! Betty Bowers is America’s best Christian, and a better one than you. That is, according to her Web site, betty

This satirical site, run by Atlan tan Paul Brad ley, pokes fun at Christian fundamentalists via his alter ego Bowers, a Prada-wearing, stone-casting Southern Baptist.

The site features “Mrs. Betty Bowers’ Christian-Crackwhore Ministry” and an “Apocalyptic Travel Agency.” It even has an official ad sponsor, Marge Davis Interiors, which sells home furnishings of “Episcopalian style” at “Pentecostal prices.”

Betty fans can purchase goods bearing slogans from the site, such as “WWJD” (What Would Jenna [Bush] Drink) and “BASH Ex-Gay” (Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals). Sales of the “WWJD” T-shirt alone are bringing in more than $1,000 a day, Bradley said.

The site went live in 1999 and typically gets more than 180,000 hits daily. Bradley has also written a book, What Would Betty Do?, due out from Simon & Schuster in February 2002.