‘Sinful’ Vegas Spot Is Damn Good

NEW YORK Las Vegas’ “What happens here, stays here” tourism ads have gleefully embraced the town’s sinful appeal in tongue-in-cheek fashion.

The latest spot from R&R Partners delves into the internal struggle of the conscience between good and evil. The shop spins an amusing tale of a reserved guy whose “dark side” constantly tries to get him to loosen up.

“This is where the gluttony starts,” he announces on the plane as peanuts are passed out. Overlooking the city from their hotel room, he says, “We’re like the Huns. It’s all ours for the taking, all for the pillaging, but in a nice way.” The guy is indifferent to peer pressure, but in the final scene it seems even the angelic side of his conscience has given in. An angel comfortably seated in a booth with a beautiful woman at each side tells the guy to listen to his evil side, who is living it up on the dance floor. The spot ends with the angel telling the women he can get them in “upstairs” because he knows “a guy.” The familiar tagline follows.

Overall, this ranks as another well-told Vegas story with comedy light enough to lift the spirits of even the biggest party pooper. Though it left the most interesting part of the story untold—that of the fallen angel.