simply red

The only concept that survived the first session of Hanson Dodge’s effort to rename McHugh Software International was “red.”

“It’s a striking image, and we found it’s almost nonexistent in technol ogy,” said Ken Hanson, executive creative director of the Milwaukee brand and design firm.

Under new CEO John Jazweic, McHugh, a Waukesha, Wis.-based management logistics company, wanted a name that would differentiate it from the competition and its own history. Several variations of “red” were tried and rejected before the team, which included both client and agency members, settled on the idea of “place.”

“We liked the concept of place, something that creates an image in the mind,” Hanson said.

The result: RedPrairie. “The prairie’s a peaceful place in a business with a lot of commotion,” Hanson said.

With the new moniker, Hanson Dodge created a business-to-business branding campaign designed to show RedPrairie as a company that does things differently and guarantees results.