Signed, Sealed And Delivered

Lee Pictures of Dallas probably knew it had a good photographer on its hands when it signed Scott Harben, but it may have been unaware of the lengths he would go to to get the job done.
Harben and Andy Mahr, an art director with Dallas’ Jackhammer, were recently scouting a location for Hummer-the military-style vehicle and Jackhammer client-at Horseshoe Bay in San Francisco.
As the two toured the area, they were stopped on a beach and invited to assist in a seal rescue operation. After being led to the seal, they were asked to carry the 200-pound animal up a hillside in the middle of the night.
Harben and Mahr’s lifesaving efforts did not go unrewarded. The Marine Mammal Rescue Center allowed the creative team to name the seal-probably the first to share its moniker with an all-terrain military vehicle. -Steve Krajewski