A Sign Of The Times

San Francisco’s Billboard Liberation Front has struck again, after a hiatus of more than a year.
The “cabal of eccentric advertising professionals,” as the group calls itself, made “significant enhancements” recently to the 90-foot by 30-foot Levi Strauss & Co. billboard (shown here) that overlooks the intersection of U.S. 101 and I-80 in the Bay Area.
The BLF’s raison d’tre is to “improve” dull outdoor advertising by adding its own panels and lighting systems to prominent sites.
This time the visage of serial killer Charles Manson was added to the Levi’s ad that previously showed only the brand’s logo.
“His timeless appeal, drawing on our deepest, rawest and most genuine emotions, is just the ticket for selling a pair of pants,” the BLF’s pseudonymous Blank DeCoverly said.
The BLF claims that more than 1 million “captive” motorists pass the sign every day.
Levi’s representative Amy Rosenthal said the work has since been taken down. She also thanked the BLF for the six-pack of beer they left in return for the temporary use of the board. -Jim Edwards and Jane Irene Kelly