Sierra Mist’s New Funny Business

Sierra Mist has co-partnered with Comedy Central alum Adam de la Pena to launch an animated Web series, called On the Bubble, which delivers daily news in the form of satire.

The site,, kicks off this Friday with an exclusive screening at the Comic-Con in San Diego. The series of two-to-three minute segments stars five “tech-savvy,” “wanna-be” college-aged reporters who offer their take on current events. Actors playing the characters include Dana Snyder of Cartoon Network’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force and de la Pena, who portrays Luke Hasting, On the Bubble’s resident slacker and co-anchor.

“The Sierra Mist brand is all about a fresh take on humor,” said Michelle Naughton, a rep for Pepsi-Cola North America, the soft drink brand’s parent company. The show’s formatting allows Sierra Mist to reach viewers where they’re most likely to be found, while delivering humorous commentary on real-time news, she added.

On the Bubble airs every Wednesday from the dorm/make-shift newsroom of a fictional Middle Town Community College. Sierra Mist collaborated with medium