Shoptalk: Super Outtakes

This year’s Super Bowl commercials may have appeared ultra-polished, but there was plenty of, ahem, monkeying around off-camera. BBDO, for example, had to deal with a pair of energetic baboons while shooting the Sierra Mist spot. In the ad, one baboon is pleasantly refreshed when the other catapults him over a huge rock and into a polar bear pond. In real life, the dunkings took their toll on the primate, and at one point he fled. “He jumped 10 feet and took off,” says executive creative director Bill Bruce. “We found him under a car halfway down the block, drinking a Pepsi he had grabbed on his way.” (“They’re like teenagers. They have the same sort of dietary habits,” Bruce confides.) For the most part, though, the baboons were no trouble. “They were always on time and didn’t have a lot of attitude,” says Bruce.

Unlike some people. On the set of Pepsi’s ad with the Osbournes, Ozzy unleashed a bit more improvisation than usual on the first take of the bedroom scene, in which he finds Florence Henderson next to him instead of Sharon. “He said, ‘It’s the worst nightmare. Get out of my bed. This is horrible,’ ” and on and on, says BBDO senior ecd Jimmy Siegel. “She looked at him and said, ‘Would you shut the fuck up, Ozzy?’ Coming out of Mrs. Brady’s mouth, that was sort of funny. We didn’t use that take, for obvious reasons.” No wonder Ozzy is silent in that scene in the finished spot.