Shevack Bows Ortho TV

NEW YORK-Partners & Shevack/ Wolf resurrects an animated “spokescharacter” in its first work for Scotts’ Ortho brand since it won the business in a November consolidation.
The $15 million, three-spot effort, which breaks nationally on broadcast and cable TV to coincide with the spring growing season, revives “Pete,” an animated character who demonstrates the prowess of Ortho’s Weed-B-Gon and Lock ‘N Spray. In each spot, the hapless green thumb, trying desperately to maintain his lawn, turns to the products to kill weeds that sprout up all over it.
In the Lock ‘N Spray spot, Pete tries to concoct a potion to wipe out bugs and weeds. Ortho’s spray product takes care of that problem for him. The Weed-B-Gon effort, which began airing last week, shows Pete pulling up one weed, only to find another appearing elsewhere on the lawn. After using the product to kill the weeds, he nods approvingly and says, Ortho “didn’t hurt my lawn.”
Pete, “an everyman,” according to shop principal Brett Shevack, hasn’t been used in several years.
A third spot is in the the works. The campaign also introduces a new tagline: “Leave it to Ortho.”
Both the new tagline and the Pete character will serve as an umbrella for the Ortho brand, which is the top-selling lawncare name. Previously, Ortho used a different line for each product.
BBDO, Los Angeles, had the Ortho business since 1994. Scotts went with Shevack because it handles its other brands, many of which are based on the East Coast.