Wouldn’t you like to make money while you sleep?
That was part of Doug Eymer’s rationale for making his company’s tchotchkes available for sale over the Internet.
The common comparison of marketing firms to the cobbler’s children who have no shoes doesn’t fit here. “We are convinced of the lethal effectiveness of self-promotion as a business tool,” said Eymer.
Literature for the 10-year-old, 10-person Eymer Design at 26 Drydock Ave. in Boston quotes the prescient “ex-president” Abraham Lincoln as saying, “What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.”
The Web site sells Eymer-emblazoned mugs, T-shirts, thermometers and a handheld incendiary device (better known as a Zippo lighter, manufactured in Eymer’s hometown in Pennsylvania).
While the rewards of working for itself seem self-evident, the design studio also handles projects for paying clients such as Hasbro and Silverstream Software. Eymer is trying to figure out how best to display that first order from a fan in Sioux Falls, N.D. –Judy Warne