Seeing Red In Vermont

RedWire, a subsidiary of KSV in Burlington, Vt., has created a self-promotional campaign heavy on attitude and social commentary.
One execution shows a blood-red fist aimed at the reader. Copy contends, “Not helping an abused woman is the same as doing this to her yourself.”
A black-and-white poster (shown) displayed at local businesses features an open casket and reads, “Cyclists and runners are entitled to a share of the road. So why is this how much room motorists give them?”
The ads end with the tagline, “A message from RedWire.”
The effort is part of the boutique’s “master plan” to get involved in issues of concern in the Burlington area, said copywriter and RedWire co-founder Buffy McCoy.
In terms of its creative philosophy, the group’s mission statement reads: “We hate advertising . . . Instead of bitching and moaning, we’re doing something about it. We are counter-attacking all the big, mushy, mindless advertising that we hate. It’s our mission to cut through the crap.” –David Gianatasio