Consumers with less-than-sterling credit histories are the target of a campaign from Makos Advertising, Marketing and Design on behalf of new client U.S. Dial Tone.
The San Antonio-based telco offers local and long-distance service for a prepaid fee of $29.95 per month to customers who have previously had their phones disconnected.
In a television commercial airing now in Houston, San Antonio and Memphis, Tenn., a radio DJ is seen drawing the lucky winner of a $50,000 cash prize. He calls the number and hears a recorded voice saying, “We’re sorry, this number has been disconnected.”
“Need a Second Chance?” is the ad’s tagline.
The $3 million budget for 2000 is expected to increase to as much as $9 million next year as U.S. Dial Tone expands beyond its Second Chance service into the mainstream local call provider market, said Makos president Mark Turner.
Makos in Austin, Texas, is currently developing a name and positioning for that product, to be introduced in Southwest markets this summer.
–J. Dee Hill