Screenvision Brings USAF to 3-D Life

This Friday (Dec. 18) the U.S. Air Force will become the second advertiser to take advantage of in-theater 3-D advertising. Placed by GSD&M, the 3-D cinema spot will run on 958 Screenvision theater screens in a prime spot ahead of James Cameron’s Avatar movie.

Skittles was the first advertiser to take advantage of Screenvision’s 3-D advertising, which is beginning to attract advertisers.

The Air Force’s  “Space” spot will run through Jan. 21 and marks the Air Force’s largest cinema buy to date. Shot by director Phil Joanou, the spot, part of the Air Force’s current “science fiction” TV campaign, shows how a collision between two pieces of space junk is averted. “It’s not science fiction. It’s what we do every day.” Also on-screen, the Air Force is airing its flyover spot, a :10 THX surround sound element it debuted this summer.

The cinema campaign also includes in-lobby posters.