scotchgard gets a life

Scotchgard has awakened from an 11-year advertising slumber with a new print campaign breaking next month from Grey Advertising.
Although the brand, owned by 3M, has 95 percent awareness among consumers, most of them didn’t know exactly what it does, said Martin Blyth, Scotchgard global brand manager. For the record, Scotchgard makes materials and clothing repel stains and moisture.
The ads, backed by $5 million, are to appear in September magazines and carry the headline: “Got a life? Gotta ask for Scotchgard.” Two of the three show a child at play, spilling either chocolate or juice on the furniture and carpeting.
The tagline is: “There’s protection. Then there’s Scotchgard protection.”
Blyth said the aim is to get consumers to ask for Scotchgard in the clothing and products they buy.
The last campaign for the brand ran in 1988 and featured the comedian Gallagher, who smashed watermelons to demonstrate the brand’s effectiveness. –Kathleen Sampey