Scooby snacks

Promoting mints that claim to eradicate can-ine bad breath is just one of the tasks recently assigned to Warner Communications.

Chomp, based in Lebanon, N.J., produces Yip Yap breath fresh-eners and Sniffers, a healthy dog treat in M&M-style candy packs. The agency will handle media relations, special events and guerrilla marketing chores.

Separately, Warner will handle media relations for Biddeford Blankets, Biddeford, Maine, and help the client launch a new Hot Wrap line of automatic warming throws for teens and college students.

In conjunction with the client wins, Manchester, Mass.-based Warner has opened satellite offices in Portland, Maine, and Cambridge, Mass. Each office will initially operate with a single staff member.

“The [new] offices give us the opportunity to expand our reach into other important geo-graphical areas,” said Carin Warner, president of the eight-person marketing and communications agency.