Sawtooth Goes Into Overtime

The Sawtooth Group is hoping to buy sponsorship rights for herbal supplement client Ginsana from The Sports Channel and pro baseball teams around the country during any minutes of overtime or extra innings at sporting events, as and when they occur.
“After considering the times when people need extra energy most,” such as when students cram for exams and when baseball players go into extra innings, “we decided Ginsana would ‘own overtime,'” said Marc Marsan, president of the Woodbridge, N.J., shop’s invention division in Cincinnati.
Video billboards and announcements will alert crowds and players as to exactly who is sponsoring the extra minutes of play. Ginsana will probably spend less than $1 million on the venture for the year, said Terry Volts, a Sawtooth vice president, management supervisor.
Aptly, Ginsana’s spokesman is Chicago Bull Scottie Pippin (shown here). “Feel your Ginsana” is the brand’s tag. Ginsana is marketed by Pharmaton Natural Health Products, Ridgefield, Conn. –Teresa Andreoli