Save Us the Aisle Seats

Everything is big in Texas, but if there’s a place where things are even bigger, it’s Hollywood. Having made an IMAX film last year about the Lone Star State, GSD&M’s movie unit, Mythos Studios, on Sunday began shooting something a little sexier: Drop Dead Sexy, a feature starring Crispin Glover and Jason Lee.

It’s “a deliciously dark comedy with a decidedly Texas twist,” says Tim McClure, co-founder of the Austin, Texas, shop and the film’s executive producer. The budget is a relatively measly $1.5 million, but first-time director Michael Philip, who is also one of the film’s writers, managed to get the A-list actors with help from a casting-director friend. “Everyone wants to work on stuff that’s cool, and this project has all those elements to it,” Philip says.

Richard Kooris, owner of 501Studios in Austin, is director of photography and also an executive producer. He met with Philip a year ago, then brought in McClure. Philip shifted the story from L.A. to Austin, and it was a done deal. The project is being funded by independent Austin-based investors and a foreign distributor. The group is talking to domestic distributors and studios. “Our feeling was, ‘Let’s get it shot, and it’ll probably be more valuable to our investors,’ ” McClure says.

GSD&M has made 30-second movies for 30 years, says McClure. Texas: The Big Picture ran 39 minutes. Longer, it appears, is better. “We’ve been outed now,” McClure says. “There’s no hiding from opportunity.”