Saturn Spotlights Workers

Hal Riney & Partners here continues to spotlight individual employees at General Motors’ Saturn division to emphasize that the car maker is “a different kind of company.” Thirteen new TV spots break this week nationwide in the second phase of Saturn’s fall campaign, which was launched last month with six spots.
The black-and-white ads were shot at Saturn’s manufacturing plant in Spring Hill, Tenn. The long-running tagline remains: “A different kind of company. A different kind of car.”
“You can’t make up a company like Saturn,” said Dave O’Hare, Riney co-creative director and executive vice president.
In one 60-second spot, Saturn’s radio installation crew jams to rock ‘n’ roll blaring from the factory’s sound system. The question, “Fun to drive?” pops up on screen. The spot cuts back to the grooving Saturn workers, and the answer, “Heck, they’re fun to build,” appears on screen.
Another ad features a Saturn “door finesser.” “My name is Ralph Burger, and I’m a door banger,” he says to the camera. “We align the doors using these.” He holds up a rubber mallet and outlines how each team member bangs differently on the doors.
O’Hare emphasized that the ads were unscripted.
“In one of the ads, this guy was so zealous about his job, he made Saturn’s management a little uncomfortable,” O’Hare said. “We asked, ‘Well? Isn’t this how you want people to feel about your company?’ They agreed and approved the spot.”