Sapporo Taps KSL Media to Help Increase its U.S. Presence

Japanese beer wants bigger piece of import market

In a move intended to broaden its footprint in the American market, Sapporo has selected KSL Media to undertake its media buying and planning efforts in North America.

Japan’s oldest beer brand launched a competitive review for its media business about two months ago. KSL NY will partner with Moosylvania, an independent creative agency based in St. Louis, on Sapporo’s upcoming 2012 ad campaign. Though Sapporo holds the top spot among Asian beers in the U.S., the campaign will aim to significantly boost Sapporo’s share of the competitive import beer market. “We intend to help Sapporo meet and exceed their target to be a top 10 import beer,” David Sklaver, KSL’s president, said in a statement. 

If history is any indication, Sapporo made a solid choice of agencies. KSL has worked with Grey Goose since 1999, back when the vodka was a relatively unknown brand selling only 80,000 cases. In 2010, Grey Goose sold 3.5 million cases–and KSL was awarded the entire Bacardi line in the U.S., including the namesake rum, Bombay gin, and Dewar’s scotch whisky.

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