Samsung Propel “Ozzy”

Marble-mouthed British rocker Ozzy Osbourne gets some translation help in this hilarious new spot for Samsung Propel from Leo Burnett, Chicago. Following Osbourne throughout his day, the spot begins with the rocker trying to order a cup of black coffee but after several attempts he still gets a look of confusion from the barista. So he pulls his spiffy green Samsung phone out of his pocket to tap out his order in a text message instead. This goes on throughout his day, in an exchange with a cab driver, and even with his therapist, who asks him how something makes him feel. Can’t quite make out what he shares, of course, he mumbles something about bullocks. “That’s disturbing, Ozzy,” says the counselor after reading the message on his mobile. The rocker, who delivers a credible understated performance here, responds with a deep sigh. A closing voiceover tells viewers the phone can  “make yourself heard.” The spot is entertaining and gets its point across, the phone is good for texting, but what about poor Ozzy, whose deteriorating hearing was well-documented with his repeated attempts to decipher his family’s conversations on his MTV reality show?  Even though he is still making music and has enough of a sense of humor to poke fun at himself, it’s simply sad to think about a singer who has lost his voice.–Eleftheria Parpis