Sams Savors the ‘Good’ Life

A campaign for Fantastic Sams hair salons reminds consumers that a new ‘do will not only make them look good but feel good as well.

The TV and radio commercials, set to launch Nov. 12, were created by the salon chain’s longtime agency, The T&O Group in Irvine, Calif. While the new spots continue to use the 5-year-old tagline “Gotta be the hair,” they also reflect research that suggests people have a strong emotional connection to their hair style.

The client’s director of marketing, Donna Pagliuca, said the findings are not surprising. Still, she noted, the idea that “when your hair looks good, life looks good” is something few salons have addressed in the past.

“Our [ads] used to be about the fun things that happen because of your hair,” such as getting noticed or mistaken for a star, Pagliuca said.

The Anaheim, Calif., client opened its first salon in 1974 and now has more than 1,200 shops in the U.S. It spends $9-10 million on ads annually, with roughly $5 million going toward TV.

The new TV spot, “Reflections,” shows a curly-haired woman striding down the street, pre sumably right after a visit to Fantastic Sams. As she sees her reflection in a man’s sunglasses, a car window and a revolving door, she twirls and preens as the voiceover says, “When your hair looks good, life looks good. Fantastic Sams. Gotta be the hair.”

One radio ad features a man who looks so stylish after getting a haircut from Fantastic Sams that a co-worker forgets she has a boyfriend and asks him on a date. Another ra dio spot has a girl who asks a mir ror what to do about her hair. It tells her to go to Fantastic Sams. When she returns, the mirror proclaims its approval.

The ads target adults ages 25-54, with an emphasis on women, said T&O evp Monte Zator.

Initially, the campaign will run in California, then roll out to other markets where Fantastic Sams has a presence, Zator said.

T&O has worked with Fantastic Sams for 18 years.