Saatchi, Toyota Go Beyond “Everyday’

$30-40 Mil. Launch of 2000 Tundra Will Introduce a New Tagline
LOS ANGELES-Toyota Motor Sales USA has ditched its “Everyday” theme for the launch of its full-size pickup truck, the 2000 Tundra. Saatchi & Saatchi’s new campaign, backed by $30-40 million, will use the line, “Have we gone too far? Or have others not gone far enough?”
“Everyday,” which continues for the rest of Toyota’s vehicles, was dropped in order to make the Tundra look special. The model enters what Scott Gilbert, the Torrance, Calif.-based agency’s chief executive, calls “the last bastion of domestic dominance” in vehicles: the full-size pickup category.
Two 30-second TV spots break this week on network and cable, touting the truck’s performance and size. In one ad, the Tundra takes on a Lotus sports car in a race across rugged desert terrain. The Tundra glides along as the Lotus spins out almost immediately. The second ad compares the toughness of the Tundra to an earth mover.
Print ads are appearing in 30 national men’s and auto magazines as well as newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Outdoor and radio are also part of the mix. Cross-promotions with Sears, Budweiser, Yamaha and others are in the works.
The target market is primarily car owners looking to move up to a full-size pickup and others “comfortable with import ownership,” said Toyota vice president of marketing Steve Sturm. “We learned from the last generation that if we want to successfully compete with [Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet], we have to build it in the U.S.” Toyota’s last full-size truck was the T100, which was produced from 1993-98.
Toyota’s last major new product launch was in 1989 for its luxury Lexus brand.
The Tundra includes features comparable to those of rival domestic trucks and a V-8 engine, Sturm said. “This is our next generation full-size pickup.”
The Tundra, which ranges from $15,000-24,000, is built in a new plant in Indiana and is slightly wider and taller than its T100 predecessor. It has a 2,000 pound payload and is available with a V-6 engine in addition to the V-8.