Runner Marion Jones and race-car driver Michael Andretti find out their attempts to retrieve important personal items could have been avoided in two new spots for American Express’ travel services from Ogilvy & Mather.

In the Jones commercial, she runs through the streets of Rome, trying to catch a cab. But a ride is not what interests her—it’s the passport she left in the taxi’s back seat.

Just as Jones, after sending pigeons scattering, is about to give up, an announcer informs her that AmEx can replace passports and major credit cards.

In the Andretti spot, set in San Francisco, he’s about to pay for an ice cream cone when a thief on a moped grabs his wallet. Andretti hops into the ice cream truck driver’s seat to chase the thief through the hilly streets.

Ready to give up after crashing into a Chinatown produce stand, Andretti is told about AmEx’s services for travelers.

The ads are meant to highlight AmEx’s new travel offerings, such as replacing lost passports and credit cards, said Doreen Fox, an associate creative director at the shop’s New York office.

The spots will run through the fall, Fox said.