Round Up Media Follows Creative Out of Glennon

Media planning and buying duties for Monsanto’s Round Up products have followed creative to BBDO West in Los Angeles, leaving The Glennon Co. in St. Louis.

Glennon lost the creative portion of the $15 million Round Up herbicide account in February, when the Solaris Corp. of San Ramon, Calif., which markets Round Up and Ortho products for St. Louis-based Monsanto, moved it to BBDO West without a review. The media consolidation was anticipated by observers at the time and also was done without a review.

The substantial loss of Monsanto for Glennon began in 1994, when the $11 million Ortho pesticide account was placed at BBDO’s San Francisco office following a review that included Glennon. The account is now at BBDO in Los Angeles. –Trevor Jensen

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