Rosen Work Touts One-on-One’s Singular Hosts

TV Spots Offer a Visual Take for Style of Each On-Air Personality
CHICAGO-The Rosen Group here highlights the passion and knowledge of One-on-One Sports and its audience in the shop’s first campaign for the national radio network.
The campaign uses the network’s on-air hosts to convey One-on-One Sports’ unique style, Rosen creative director George Kusch said. “The personalities on the network are truly one of the points of difference for One-on-One Sports,” he said.
Seven of the eight 30-second TV spots marry a host’s banter with a visual interpretation, showing the unique style of each. The eighth spot uses a montage of all the hosts’ voices.
One spot features evening host Arnie Spanier’s voice making game predictions while the visuals show a glowing crystal ball. “How do I know?” Spanier asks. “I got a couple of these.”
The campaign breaks June 1 in markets where One-on-One has its owned and operated stations: Boston, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. It will also air locally in the network’s 400 affiliate markets.
Focusing on the hosts allows the affiliates to tout the radio network by highlighting certain shows, said Carolyn Phillips, the company’s vice president of marketing. “It also gives us a chance to demonstrate a sample of our on-air product,” she said.
The Rosen Group landed the $3-5 million account late last year after a review that included three undisclosed Chicago agencies. One-on-One’s previous advertising, from the Leap Partnership in Chicago, featured 10-second spots depicting sports fans offering their quirky opinions on all matters afield.