A Room Full Of Potential Clients

Former Arnold Exec To Emcee Hatch Awards
BOSTON–What’s a suit like John Verret, once known around Arnold Communications as “Mr. McDonald’s,” doing handing out creative awards? Pitching clients, perhaps.
The former president of Boston-based Arnold, who now works as a presentation training consultant, was selected by the Advertising Club of Greater Boston to serve as emcee for this year’s Hatch Awards.
Verret was chosen not only for his skill in front of an audience, but also because “he’s a well-known, well-respected, long-standing member of the industry” who knows the audience and “knows what he’s speaking about,” said Hillary Wheeler, director of events at the Ad Club.
Verret was selected for his familiarity with the people involved, and knowing their names is a benefit, said Wheeler.
Since cashing out his interest in Arnold in 1996 to spend less time on the road–he was the managing partner on the regional McDonald’s business–Verret has launched a consulting practice devoted to personnel development training.
In a presentation skills workbook, Verret offers these words of advice: “Presenting is the performance art of the business world.”
This Thursday, he’ll have plenty of opportunity to prove his point to a room full of potential clients. No pressure there. –with Sarah Jones