Rockett Is In Training For Productivity Point

Rockett, Burkhead, Lewis & Winslow (RBL&W) has been named to handle advertising, media, public relations and direct marketing for Productivity Point International (PPI), based in Weston, Fla. Annual billings are estimated in excess of $1 million.
According to agency president Bill Youngclaus, there was no incumbent on the account. He added his Raleigh, N.C.-based shop vied for the business against a group of undisclosed agencies. The advertising and public relations components were pitched separately.
While the client has its headquarters in Florida, it has 130 locations across North America that provide custom technology learning solutions for corporate operations. The company has more than 1,000 trainers and offers 700 courses. It trained approximately one million people in 1997.
“What you have are a number of companies across the country which have upgraded their systems and need their people to have certain skill levels, or others who are looking to homogenize skill levels within their company so they can operate more efficiently,” said Youngclaus.
RBL&W got its foot in the door when the agency completed some work for a Raleigh-based company that was later acquired by PPI.
Work on the account will center on print advertising in trade publications and more mainstream business vehicles, like The Wall Street Journal.
The target audience for PPI’s message depends on the size of the company, Youngclaus said. For more modest concerns the person they would be trying to reach would likely be a middle manager making decisions on training. As the size of the company goes up, the appeal would be made at the chief executive officer level.
“RBL&W’s integrated marketing communications strategic approach, coupled with their deep understanding of our industry and the technology surrounding it, enabled us to partner with one firm, from which we expect powerful synergies,” said client vice president of marketing Lane Bess in a statement.